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Tree Trimming

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Trees in the forest are free to grow as high and in whatever direction they like. In some urban environments in Texas, this type of unchecked growth can present a safety hazard. It may not be suitable for the tree. Our highly-trained, fully licensed tree service technicians can expertly prune your trees to stimulate their growth and promote their health while leaving you with a safe, beautiful specimen for your property.

Complete Tree Removal

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Some people have trees on their property that they consider their pride and joy. But there are times when a tree on your property becomes too much to handle. Sometimes it is urgently needed to be removed due to hazardous reasons. When this time comes, Agile Waste Solutions is here to help.

We don’t just handle shrubs and baby trees, although we are happy to remove those with barely a trace left behind as well. We have no problem taking care of your adult trees weighing 50 pounds or more. We can also efficiently remove tree roots and limbs that may be cluttering up your property with professional tree-cutting services.

Agile Waste Solutions is a licensed tree removal company in Texas that is local and family-owned and operated. We have been performing tree trimming, stump grinding/removal, and tree removal for over 30 years. We have the skill and experience to deal with any trees on your property.

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